Project Description

This is the service we are best known for. We work for the companies which have the vision to develop their product line and want to invent new equipment. We work on an idea, be it provided by our clients or be it our input to the clients, but we are brainstorming for delivering the best design. ESC Works is a high-performance consulting firm where engineers collaborate with their thought process to benefit our end product design.

Our product design process consist of following five steps:

Step I : Idea’s generation
Step II : Analyze the Ideas
Step III : Conceptualizing it
Step IV : Finalize Concept
Step V : Design

Since ESC Works are engineering equipment, designing company, our team consists of designing background, we deliver product design along with all the advanced analysis, which also separates our services from others, like structural analysis, CFD analysis, FEA analysis, simulation and more to optimize the product design.

Our practises in product design covers following industries:

  • Road Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive
  • HVAC