Price structure of ESC Works Pvt. Ltd. is combination of Effective Cost and Qualitative end results. We understands that different clients are having different requirements. At ESC Works we are having various solutions available on pricing:

Hourly Pricing:

Universally used and most accepted method of pricing we practices from years is to charge hourly for resources (Engineers) allocated to the project acquired. We are generally work for 8 hours/day with one shift only but when client is having some real urgency we also provide 2 shift of 8 hours each per day to provide solution in less time.

Pricing Structure based on services (per hour):

  • CAD Modelling Starts with $14
  • CAD Conversion Starts with $8
  • CAD Migration Starts with $8
  • 2D Drafting Starts with $12
  • 3D Modelling/Rendering Starts with $14
  • 2D Animation Starts with $12
  • 3D Animation Starts with $15
  • Software solutions Starts with $20

Fixed Price:

Many clients need to know about budget of the project in advance, we are open for them as well. ESC Works provides a Fixed Price solution based on understanding of Project requirements. We are practicing to provide a full descriptive quotation with time, resource and pricing.


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Note: The prices declared above depend upon various factors including project complexity, terms of contract, skill and expertise of the hired engineers, and work volume.

Disclaimer for Pricing:

At ESC Works Pvt. Ltd. we confirm that the information printed on our website is always accurate and current. We make genuine efforts to keep all data on the site precise and up-to-date along with the pricing.

Please note that all prices presented on our website areĀ SYMPTOMATIC, and final pricing is decided only after taking into the account different factors like nature of the job, density level, skill and experience of engineers, time frame required for completion and terms of agreement. Prices presented are subject to final approval at the time of order accomplishment, which could affect in an increase or decrease in the price mentioned on the website.