Reverse Engineering

Through the reverse engineering process, we extract the digital shape of physical objects that may have insufficient design documentation or that require CAD data for modern manufacturing methods. The scanning and measuring process allows a component to be quickly and accurately reverse engineered. The 3-dimensional data that are collected and modeled, can be used to [...]


The Finite Element Analysis is a technique which allows the designers to validate the design for calculating the behavior of the product, predicting failure in case of operation, and to make changes accordingly wherever applicable. For every engineering company which is in manufacturing, it is important to improve the product lifecycle by improving every element’s [...]


The world is modernizing so fast that it’s not easy to estimate what would be needed tomorrow in Engineering, Design, IT, Building or Infrastructure. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is the performance parameter which can show you the specification of material in terms of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer in the systems you have designed. [...]

Cad Modelling and Drafting

Our services in CAD Modelling and Drafting consists of a thorough process of creating a three-dimensional representation of our client’s product ideas, through the very basic draft to final conversion in 3D Model. We are taking care of entrepreneurs and manufacturer of Automotive, Machinery, Power and Process industries and providing detailed views, assemblies, and highly [...]


To lead in product designing ESC Works is especially concerned for animation of equipment which has more engineering functionalities than character animation. Our service in animation works hand in hand with simulation thus providing you the realistic view of product’s working. We put our engineering aspects in animation and explain through detailed video for your [...]