Client satisfaction is everything.

We deal in service market and the physical/final/manufactured product’s features and quality depends upon what had been designed for the same in the development process, it’s ESC major concern to ride on clients’ assumed/specified parameters, the expectation in the final delivery of design. It might be true that product is changing according to customer demands, but we also adjust ourselves do too to fulfill the service in the variation of changes in the design of the product or equipment.

Workaholic but not stressed

We are supported by a pillar of the mechanical engineer, working on every specific project, which has to be complete on prescribed time and date to meet client deadlines. We do not work in the timeframe of 9 am to 6 pm, not stuck to work every moment, not stressed to complete work, but yes, we are a workaholic, workaholic for doing the task in our own way, enjoying the job/work, and finally deliver what is expected and even more.

We accept the ideas, make them worthwhile.

We are growing, so don’t believe that what we doing is right, we will be always right, we have mixed of hierarchy, but when it comes to our work and service we act like a team of a toddler and prefer everyone ideas to do brainstorming for even better ideas/one. If it seems to add value in design, drawing, all study, analysis etc. we respond quickly to make changes and come over with worthwhile design/output for our clients.


We are a team of He (helium) power, having a strong chain very rare and capacity to raise energy as much as required. We know the service which praised by clients and improving continuously We know our business core, lie in fulfillment of the client’s time frame