Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been an essential part of the engineering product design. Whether it is used to simulate industrial mixing tanks, aerospace components, or a myriad of other transient or steady-state flow phenomena CFD is a solution that reduces development time, reduces costs and increases the consistency of prototype designs.

There are many areas where CFD can provide. Our team studies variety from the simulation of fluid flow issues faced by water utilities, to the design of different instrumentation used to control microfluidic devices.

Services of CFD Modelling and Analysis:

At ESC Works, we provide number of analysis solution based on our team’s experience and expertise in particular area of practise.

Analysis of Combustion:

Analysis of Combustion is one of the expertise of ESC Works Pvt. Ltd. which covers the aspect of flame analysis, element analysis, species distribution, mixing analysis and emission analysis. With our methods and techniques at ESC Works we will make you understand how to optimize your problems related combustion.

Analysis of Fluid Structure Interaction:

In context of water flow modelling through pipe networks or multi-phase flow or flow and baffles or other structures which can be complicated. ESC Works is expert enough to handle such modelling.

Analysis of thermodynamics:

Most important and critical part of any design which contains heat generating components is a matter of heat transfer. ESC Works will provide you kind of thermodynamics analysis which will provide you an in depth analysis that your design is optimized in a way to give you optimal cooling. We will provide flawless details in it.

Analysis of Hydrodynamics:

At ESC Works we consider many parameters in terms of analysis of Hydrodynamics from flow around vessel hulls and wave making to flow over submarines and through turbines. ESC Works Pvt. Ltd is expert in Green Water on deck, Pen channel flows, Hull performance assessment, added messes for subsea hardware, slam and water impact loading, time dependent hydrodynamics problems, sloshing in cargo and oil/gas separator tanks and thruster flow modelling & interaction.

Analysis of Multiphase flow:

At ESC Works we provide the best of analysis in Multiphase flow. Our analysis includes Flue injection design and optimization, Free surface flow, Fluid spray design and optimization, Particulate tracking & concentration and Mixed species and reacting flow. We provide detail oriented analysis report to optimize.

Analysis of Turbo-machinery:

Everyone needs to increase life of his/her machinery with right way of designing machines. ESC Works is ready to manage complex modelling, blade design and analysis. We can solve your complex Cavitation Modeling, Blade Design and Analysis, Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis, Mesh Generation with Multiple Fixed and Rotating Frames, Performance Evaluation in both 2D and 3D Environments, and Characteristic Prediction of Machine problems. Empower the life of your product with best solution of ESC Works Pvt. Ltd.

Benefits with ESC Works:

Expertise and understanding of limitations and capabilities of Computational Fluids Dynamics and its impact on industries.

  • Understanding and expertise based on industrial requirements empower us to bring bug free solutions for our clients.
  • Our team is expert in foreknow performance before implementing any system with use of numerical analysis and algorithms.
  • Measuring design parameters, our team can evaluate changes required in system before making actual modifications.
  • Reliable results with lower cost and fast turnaround time.


ESC Works will provide you 100% qualitative service and ROI. Purely professional approach is been practiced from years.

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