ESC Works Pvt. Ltd. has impeccable ability to serve industries for their engineering design requirements. Team of qualified Engineers and with senior resources with more than 10 years of experience in product design and development makes the team comprehensive.Our methodology and in-house working standards allowus to deliver exceptional results as per clients’ expectation.

In current era of engineering design there are number of tools available which delivers 3D models, provides livelihood to your concepts. Also allows you and your managements to visualize the concept before a prototype development.

Core benefits from ESC Works CAD Modelling services:
  • Boosted product design with enhanced manufacturability and stability
  • Enhanced product lifecycle management
  • Earlier time to market
  • In budget expected

Experience of our team with SolidWorks, AuotCAD and other renowned CAD Software allows us to execute any kind of CAD modelling project complexity. We are following international standards in all types of related services as well like CAD Conversion, CAD Migration, 2D drafting etc.

ESC Works expertise in CAD modelling includes:

Casting Modelling:
Prototype casting can be an expensive and long process in terms of time. Our qualified CAD Engineers will turn your concepts quickly into 3D models. These models can be used to produce prototype casts in a matter of hours, allowing you to begin prototyping instantly.

Solid Modelling:
Solid modelling is extensively used to generate 3D solid part models, assembles the parts, testing interface and interface not to be in between parts. Based on expertise using software to perform Casting Modelling our team will save your time with error free results as well.

Surface Modelling:
When only the surface look is key, we will provide surface models that convey the appearance and meaning of your design for evaluation. If you choose to turn your model into a visual prototype – look no further! We will help you through this seamless process.

Assembly Modelling:
ESC Work’s team will be committed to ensure that your designedparts will fit effortlessly with other parts in your assembly, taking the time to verify that proper tolerances and clearances are maintained through the production of the part and ensuring that components can articulate without interference.

Sheet metal Modelling:
An additional considerations when it is produced in terms of Sheet Metal Modeling, as a 3D enclosure must be drawn as a 2D part that is machined flat and then folded and welded into its final shape. Sheet metal parts are weight and cost effective, but cannot be fabricated directly from a 3D concept. Our team will provide detailed drawings that can be fabricated directly by any sheet metal fabrication house.

Bill of Materials:
In addition to developing an assembly level model of your product or design, we will provide you with a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) that details all of the parts and drawings included in your assembly. A BOM is instrumental in documenting and producing your product, and a valuable product lifecycle management tool.

ESC Works will provide you 100% qualitative service and ROI. Purely professional approach is been practiced from years.

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