ESC Works can help you to provide integrated services as single CAD platform for your requirements. We are answer to your needs of commissioning a new and high-end CAD system with progressive features that will costume your designs and engineering works.

CAD migration is a numerous need encountered and we can decrease your work hassle ensued from issues of data compatibility, instabilities in software formats, procedure complexity. More than this, we will save your time that would guzzle transforming your CAD files from one software format to another format.

We have comprehensive experience in projecting and executing CAD migration solutions, assuring model veracity. We will help you impeccablyallocate your data from the CAD system where the models were created to the new CAD system.

Our team is comfortable with list of software to migrate data from one to another:

Solid Works, AutoCAD and Other renowned CAD Software.

With more than 10 years of industrial experience of ESC Works’ senior resources, ESC Worksproposes CAD migration services that can cover all your paper drawings, blueprints, and files from other CAD software platforms and ensure migration of:

  • Geometry of parts/assemblies
  • Design information such as material, part attributes, features, etc.
  • Components relationship with other parts, subassemblies and assemblies
  • Integrating CAD data’s relationship with other systems in the company
  • Relationship with product data or life cycle management system


ESC works has experienced engineers with very good software proficiency to perform various types of Migrations:

ESC Works will provide you 100% qualitative service and ROI. Purely professional approach is been practiced from years.

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