CAD Customization:

In CAD customization, we help our client to develop supporting tools in their existing CAD software. The tools referred to as design automation software that make building of 3D CAD models easier, faster and error free and used by our clients in their design and engineering offices to automate simple or complex design tasks. Predominantly all the CAD software neither industry nor a product specific so that’s why many of our clients have partner with us to customize their CAD software. Our team have been powered with Mechanical and Civil engineers that allow us understand client’s problems more precisely.

We can help you to:
  • Automate the entire design and engineering process
  • Incorporate design rules or formulas into the CAD software to increase the intelligence of the software and reduce reliance on CAD Design
  • Generate Bill of Material, cost estimates, from the 2D/ 3D design
  • Minimize design and development cycle


  • We support a wide range of programming technologies for customization, which includes programming languages such as C, C++, C#, JAVA, VBA and LISP.
  • All major CAD software’s SDK
  • Linking CAD software with ERP system
  • QT and Windows Programming
  • Developing Cloud and Intranet Application
CAD Software Development

Out Team has been working on CAD software development for last 6 years. We have also expertise in Medical industries and developed Dental CAD software in short span of a year. From software architecture to a software testing and all the stages in between ESC Works providesimpeccable service at each stage.

  • Software Architecture specific to a CAD Software
  • CAD software data structure and performance improvement
  • Faceted Geometrical Kernel – (CGAL, VTK, IGL)
  • Computer Graphics (OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, HOOPS)
  • Geometric Kernels –(ACIS, Parasolid, OpenCascade)
  • UI – QT and MFC