ESC Works delivers high quality CAD Conversion Services, helping you to convert paper, PDF and scan-based drawings into accurate and editable CAD drawings. We manually re-draft in CAD all the necessary conversions, making reference to the original hard-copy or raster-based drawings.

We are providing all types of CAD conversation requirement. We provide CAD Conversion services across the globe, being familiar with global way of practice. Our experts have the capacity to handle drawings in context of engineering design services. We provide service in Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication and Ship Building.

At ESC Works we are using set of software solutions like:
  • Solid Work
  • AutoCAD
  • Other Renewed CAD software.
At ESC Works we offer:
  • CAD Vectorization: With CAD Vectorization service we convert your engineering drawing to accurate CAD or Vector formats. As per the requirement we manually re-draw the scanned drawing in CAD. With this service if required we also incorporate special needs, such as your standards for layers, dimension styles, colour coding, text styles etc.
  • CAD Digitalization: With CAD Digitalization services we provide error free conversion into digital form of document of your scanned or hard form of document.
  • Image to CAD: Accurate conversion by redrafting in CAD
  • Paper to CAD: With manual drafting, your paper or blueprint will be converted into CAD
  • Micro station to AutoCAD: Converting DWG to DGN / DGN to DWG
  • PDF to AutoCAD : PDF to AutoCAD conversion will have accurate dimensions, containing perfect CAD elements such as lines, circles, arcs, text, etc.
Raster to Vector:

Automated raster to vector tools provide broken and imperfect CAD data, while re-drafting of the raster drawings in CAD gives you accurate and perfect cad drawing. At ESC Works manual raster to vector services, the output will be free from the defects in automated raster to vector conversions.

Process at ESC Works:
  • Consultation: Here we listen to client to understand their requirements and based on our experience we provide solution statement. Our approach in Consultation is to gather maximum information and understand project requirement clearly.
  • Quote: Our experts and senior resources will evaluate time and resource allocation to particular job. Based on evaluation report you will have an email with quotation within 24 hours of Consultation.
  • Continues Feedback: At each stage of project we will update you to have your opinion either it is going smooth or need to have any changes.
  • Corrections: We believe that required correction should be taken place at relative stage of project.
  • Delivery of Project: With Finalization, We will provide you all types’ drawings in files you needed. It will be passed through our quality control procedures before being delivered.
Benefits with ESC Works:
  • Quality based performance
  • Security of your data
  • Increase productivity and control
  • Error free finalization
  • Error free layer info
  • Detail oriented text description
  • Eye on each staging
  • Error free dimensions that are adjustable
  • Symbols and blocks of standard components
  • Delivery at targeted Time

ESC Works will provide you 100% qualitative service and ROI. Purely professional approach is been practiced from years.

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